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Fashion Industry
Product Development
Event Management

Services offered on an independent contractor basis. Also available for long term or temp projects and onsite opportunities.


Product Development Management

Product development begins with concepts, inspiration and ideas. These are transformed into physical prototypes following a streamlined process of technical design, drafting and sample construction. Prototypes are revised until they are approved for production and manufacturing.


Event Coordination and Management

Event management is the preparation and execution of all factors necessary to create an effective experience for guests and participants. Important factors like quality vendors, proper flow and budgeting are taken into account to prepare a detailed plan for success.


Fashion Industry Consultation

There are many moving parts to product development in the fashion industry. Understanding the responsibilities of each party or team member in the process helps to create more efficient and prosperous work flow. Knowing what others need to do their work benefits the big picture. Additionally, designs and ideas must be interpreted into executable plans for product development as well as product must be managed with set expectations.


Product Development

Fashion Design

Industry Consultation

Vendor Management

Event Coordintation

Material Sourcing

Technical Design

Textile Print Design

Pattern Making

Sample Sewing


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Crescendo Apparel FW2011

Crescendo Apparel FW2011. Product development and production management. Technical design.

Crescendo Apparel FW2012

Crescendo Apparel FW2012. Product development and production management. Technical design.

Crescendo Apparel SS2012

Crescendo Apparel. Product development and production management. Technical design.


Jessica is an extremely hard working individual with a wealth of knowledge she brings from her experience in the corporate world as well as working with individual clients. She is in tune with the apparel and sewn products market. She does her research, and tailors the research for the job at hand, and can advise clients on the best way to put together their product so it's ready for market. Jessica's technical design background, as well as her strong work ethic make her a solid addition to any product development team. I highly recommend working with Jessica.

Xochil Scheer, Owner and Designer/Pattern Maker, Xochil Herrera Scheer Patterns and Fashion Design Services

I really enjoy working with Jessica. She is very organized and has great planning skills. She does well organizing the events and processes of departments. She always steps up to help in any way necessary to ensure the success of the companies she is a part of. She is a very quick learner, which helps her have a broad range of skills. She is always learning new things. Her work in Adobe is fantastic. I highly recommend her to any company.

Karin Tsang, Freelance Technical Designer, Silk Road Consultants Inc.

Jessica came into Crescendo as a consultant to help with some ongoing production challenges. I learned why we were having so many problems and decided that Jessica had a skill set in Technical Design and Production Management that was greatly lacking in my Fashion Designer. Jessica is such a conscientious worker and takes responsibility and ownership for the the tasks assigned to her. She inherited a big mess and worked tirelessly to correct it and create systems so that we would be in a better position in the future. She is great at anticipating problems and proposing solutions. Along with being extremely detail oriented, she is an excellent researcher. Jessica's passion for excellence and fashion industry expertise would make her a great addition to any team.

Kathryn McKechnie, Owner, Crescendo Apparel